Our fantastic guest blogger Rachael Walsh gives us her straight-talking honest opinion in a look-back at New York Fashion Week’s best and well, damn right, awful moments!

Love was in the air this weekend post-Valentine’s day but I was already head over heels for the collections featured in New York Fashion Week.

For me this year’s standout collection belonged to Badgley Mischka. The colours throughout were subtle with the occasional burst  of gold. Now here are two men who appreciate the importance of bling! I particularly liked their decision to accessorize this atypically bland outfit, presumably as some sort of distraction, with everyone’s favourite winter accessory; sunglasses.

Badgley Mischka had a theme throughout of beautifully tailored pieces combined with Cossack hats and fur snoods reminiscent of Russian royalty. Or what I imagine Russian royalty would wear…were they dressed by Badgley Mischka.

This is a look I will definitely be channelling at the end of this year; I need a new Winter fashion idle besides Queen Elsa of Disney’s ‘Frozen’ fame.

On second thoughts, I might try and keep that look going a bit longer.

One designer who really failed to impress for me was Boss whose theme seemed to be androgynous businessman (or woman! But mostly man). Their unflattering jackets hung off the models in a variety of uninspiring colours such as grey and (get this) brown. You’re not going to break the glass ceiling in those colours, ladies!

Stride on past that board meeting and to the nearest Carolina Herrera show because here is a designer that isn’t afraid to inject some colour into their Fall collection.

Bright colours and bold prints dominated this runway in a variety of flatteringly cut dresses (and one not so flatteringly cut trouser/jacket combo). This collection proves that even if the weather is grey and drab our choice of clothing this winter certainly doesn’t have to be. Did you hear that, Boss?

Lee Jean Youn’s collection deserves a special mention for innovative headwear. Ranging from a sexy new take on the bonnet through lace veils to what I can only describe as shrubbery. If I have learned one thing from this collection it’s that if you can still see where you’re going, your hat ain’t big enough.

Speaking of things that have got their hat on; as the sun has finally begun to start poking its head tentatively around the clouds to signal that spring might finally be approaching all I’m thinking is, ‘is it not autumn again already?’.